I love a good deal!

I went to Michaels today to purchase some items for today’s crafting project (stay tuned for a new post about it). Oh boy, Michaels is dangerous… Today from 9am-1pm they had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. Combine that with one of my 40% off one of your items coupon along with the fact that there were already huge sales on most of their items, and I saved a bundle! I tried not to go overboard with things that I didn’t absolutely need, and I think I did well! I purchased over $50 worth of merchandise for $29.

  • 4 pieces of felt (49 cents each)
  • Mini hot glue gun ($2.99)
  • Glue gun sticks ($5.99)
  • Alphabet stamps ($21.99)
  • “Just For You” embossing stamp ($1.50)
  • Decopauge glue sealer ($9.99)

I am trying to find some other crafting stores in the area. I would love to support more local businesses but am still trying to find some that are convenient and cost effective.


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