Do it yourself coasters

A couple of weeks ago, I found a craft idea on Pinterest for coasters. They are so easy to make and how else can you get the perfect coasters to match your taste!

Materials needed:

  • Ceramic tiles (mine were 4.5×4.5 in)
  • Decopauge/Mod Podge and a brush
  • Scrapbook paper (you could use photos too)
  • Felt
  • Hot glue gun

I purchased the tiles at a flooring supply store by my house. For 18 tiles, it only cost about $6. I purchased scrapbook paper at Michaels when they had a sale for 5 sheets for $2.00. I didn’t necessarily need 5 sheets to make 18 coasters (could have gotten away with 3 sheets probably), but I wanted a variety of colours. I didn’t have any decopauge in the house nor did I have a hot glue gun, so I purchased those too (see my last post on my great shopping trip to Michaels!).

I cut my scrapbook paper so there was about 1/2 inch border of tile showing (the picture where I got the original idea doesn’t have any tile showing, but I didn’t want to be that specific with my cuts). After brushing a layer of decopauge glue on the tile, I centered the paper on the tile. The hardest part was making sure there was no air bubles as well as making sure not to smudge the print of the paper with sticky fingers. After smoothing the paper, I liberally brushed more decopauge glue on top. After letting it dry, I brushed a couple more layers of glue on the coaster. The last step is to attach felt to the bottom of the tile/coaster. Some directions say to cut circles out of the fabric and attach to the bottom at the four corners. I found it easier just to cut the felt into squares and attach to the bottom.

Felt, hot glue gun and scrapbook paper

After centering the paper on the tile, brush a layer of decopauge on top. After letting it dry, add another couple of coats.

Use a low-heat hot-glue gun to put felt at the bottom of the tile/coaster. If you don't have a hot-glue gun, you could probably use adhesive tape.

I found it easier just to cut squares out of the felt rather than smaller circles for the four corners.

Finished product! Love the colours and the paper I chose!

Up close. You could also paint the sides of the tiles so it's all white, but I like them the way they are!

I love my coasters and the project was a lot of fun (and not much work).

In total, the coasters cost approximately $30. It would have been a lot cheaper if I already had the decopauge, a hot glue gun and the glue sticks. Now that I have those on hand, I look forward to using them for future crafts!

  • Tiles: $6
  • Felt (3 sheets at 49 cents/sheet): $1.47
  • Scrapbook paper: $2
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks: $9
  • Decopauge: $10

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