Bathroom facelift

We are so blessed to be living where we are! We have a great landlord, love our house and are so happy to be living more “in the country” rather than right in a busy city. We didn’t feel the need to do any painting when we moved in (a combination of not wanting to paint and already liking the colours well enough not to do anything about them). The only room that I didn’t love was the bathroom. I didn’t quite know what colour the paint was (depending on the time of day it looked either purple or grey).  I wanted to paint the bathroom but wasn’t quite sure what colour to paint it, and again the laziness factor kicked in. Another thing about the bathroom was the tiles in the shower…  They were dark red/purple/maroon tiles. These tiles, in combination with our dark brown curtain, made for some pretty dark showers. Needless to say, I didn’t love the whole green, brown, red/purple, grey/purple colour scheme going on.

Our bathroom - soon after moving in

Last summer when we went away to NYC on vacation, our landlord installed a new bathtub liner. This meant no more dark red/purple/maroon tiles! I was thrilled. But as part of the job, our landlord had to do some paint touch-ups and the shade didn’t exactly match the rest of the paint. Again, I was tempted to paint, but never quite got the motivation or inspiration to do so.

This past summer we went to Boston and Cape Cod on vacation, and again the bathroom fairy (i.e. our landlord) did another renovation while we were gone – this time a brand new window! And, again, the renovation meant paint touch ups that didn’t quite match the existing colour.

New window and new shower liner.... All it needs now is new paint!

This time (knowing that there wasn’t anything left for the bathroom fairy to fix during future summer vacations!) I got the motivation to paint. Maybe during our next vacation the kitchen fairy will visit instead of the bathroom fairy???

I’ve always wanted to paint the bathroom a shade of yellow, but hadn’t been brave enough to attempt it. My hubby is awesome because not only did he help pick a new colour (he liked the old colour and didn’t see a need to repaint), but he also did the majority of the painting. For those of you who do not know him, he hates painting (probably more than I hate painting….). And though I had every intention to finish the job (I did most of the priming), school work just got the better of me. My awesome hubby took the initiative and finished the job!

The completed bathroom!

These pictures don’t really show the true colour of the bathroom. When I first saw the colour on the walls, I really doubted my decision to go with yellow. The shade we picked seemed too bright and strong, and I was really nervous about our decision. But once Mark finished painting a couple of coats and we put our wicker shelf and the brown shower curtain back, I felt much better. I love how bright our bathroom is now! I want to introduce another colour by putting up some framed art (to the right of the mirror).

My cousin gave this to me for our bridal shower.

I love the website design seeds for exploring different colour palette options. I used these two for bathroom inspiration (yellow walls; brown accents in the wicker shelf, shower curtain, waste basket, tooth brush holder and “clean house” frame; green accent in towels; and the new framed piece that I am going to hang will either have orange accents or blue).

"Fallen hues" palette

"Vintage tones" palette


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