Baby Shower

I am going to be an aunt in December! My hubby and I are so excited to meet our niece, and we threw a family baby shower this past weekend. I had so much fun planning the shower and it was nice to catch up with the whole family.

When I started planning the shower, we didn’t yet know the sex of the baby. Once we heard that they were having a girl, I decided to keep the colours I had chosen previously – orange, green and yellow – since it was a family shower (i.e. didn’t want to bombard the males with overt “girl” colours like pink and purple).

Invitation with embossed cover

I went with a book theme, so some of the gifts and decor centred around particular books, and in the invitation guests were invited to bring a book for the baby as well (each family member was asked to bring a book starting with a particular letter of the alphabet).

Dr. Seuss ABC

I found a set of different Dr. Seuss books and decided to make “ABC blocks” cupcakes.

I went to Once Upon a Child and bought onesies and sleepers in the shower's theme colours.

After seeing this idea at a baptism party, I thought it would be perfect for a baby shower. My sister painted the canvas for me (you can see more of her work here!), and then I had a plate of acrylic paint (orange, yellow and red paint) so guests could place a fingerprint “leaf” onto the tree. I meant to take a picture of the final product but forgot…

I placed The Giving Tree beside the fingerprint tree

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I found this idea for The Very Hungry Caterpillar apple plate through Pinterest which led to this website. Along with it, I made a fantastic apple dip (cream cheese, brown sugar, caramel sauce and skor bits on top) from a recipe I got from a friend.

Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat

Rather than make the typical diaper cake, I decided to make a Cat in the Hat diaper cake. Instead of making tiers that got increasingly smaller (like a wedding cake), I made one large tier at the bottom and then made a tower of tiers and wrapped them with white and red ribbon.

Hospital Survival Kit

This is another idea I saw on Pinterest which led to this website. I filled the hospital survival kit with some necessities (Tim Horton’s gift card, elastic bands, my brother-in-law’s favorite mints, hand sanitizer, etc.). There are many different items you can place in the bag, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to buy since hospital stays are becoming shorter and shorter after birth (they may not even be required to stay the night depending on the time of the birth). Other items might include pajamas for the mother or the baby’s first outfit to come home in, but you have to be aware that the parents may already have these special items chosen.

Embossed bag - I love to find things to emboss!

Food table

Finally, this is what I was making the yarn balls for along with the tissue poms (the first time I made them!). I hung some over the food table as well as the gift table.

Gift table

Lastly, I was going to make a punch and place the book The Ugly Duckling beside it… But I encountered a little malfunction in the plan! I found this great idea for a punch and bought all the ingredients. But those of you who want to try this should know the Kool-Aid powder in the blue package is actually red! I went to make the punch as people were arriving, and instead of turning a nice shade of blue like I was expecting, it turned blood red. I was pretty disappointed, but a friend came to the rescue and jazzed up the red punch with orange slices and grapes. Also, for those of you who want to try making the punch, the extra sugar is not needed; I didn’t add any extra sugar and it was definitely sweet enough without it.

What the punch should have looked like!

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun planning the shower. I loved the process of planning the colours and “theme” as well as making things for the party like food and decorations. Wonder whose baby shower I’ll be planning next? Interacting with all the kids yesterday made me and my husband eager for our own as well. I would appreciate your prayers surrounding our adoption process.


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