Calendar Journal

I saw this really neat idea on Pinterest for a daily calendar journal. Using index cards for each day of the year, the point is to write down something that happened on that day – it can be as insignificant as “tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe today!” to something more memorable and significant like a child’s first steps, receiving important news, etc. After the first year, it becomes not only a fun way of recording a quick daily journal, but also seeing what happened in previous years on that date.

This is what the original crafter’s project looked like and from this idea I started gathering the materials to make my own daily calendar journal:

Original Crafter's idea

After buying index cards, I thought of what I should keep them in… I asked Mark for ideas, and he gave me something he made a couple of years ago in trade school. It was the perfect size (width-wise) to stand the index cards on their sides… But it’s a little long for the number of index cards that are needed. Mark will be putting a divider in it, and we will use the front half to keep our cell phones, wallets, keys, etc. I would like to start this in the new year to kick off 2012.

Mark made this out of Jatoba

Because the box isn’t quite wide enough to use pictures as dividers (which was what I was originally going to use to divide the months), I used cardstock and my embossing tools to emboss the first letter of each month.

I'm looking forward to jotting something down every day. We are anticipating 2012 to be an exciting year as we go through the adoption process! This will be a fun way to jot down the milestones we experience.

I wanted to do something a little differently with my project in addition to the journaling. With so many recipes I want to try, I wrote down some of the ones I haven’t tried yet. I now have a new dinner idea for every month and six other recipes (desserts, side dishes, breakfasts) for every other month. It would be nice to add more receipes to the box every year as a way to incorporate new recipes in the kitchen.

Here are the recipes that I added:

I’m looking forward to jotting down a quick thought every day. I would like to believe that I will do this everyday… I’m likely to forget/ignore it some days, but I think it’s a fun way to look back over the years.


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