Family trunk and reclaimed timber shelves

My hubby and I love reclaimed timber and have been wanting to make some shelves for the basement for quite some time. We took a visit to The Timeless Material Co. in Waterloo and spent a lot of time admiring the beautiful wood. If you ever have a chance to visit them to see their products, you’ll be amazed!

The Timeless Materials Co.

Our dream is to make a dining room table out of reclaimed timber one day! But for the time being, we just bought enough wood to make two shelves in our basement.

I must say, this post mainly demonstrates Mark’s creativity since he finished wood we both picked out!

We started with a rough piece of reclaimed timber which Mark sanded.

All sanded!

After sanding them, Mark used varathane to finish them and mounted them to the wall.

Finished shelves over a family trunk

We love the rough, “unfinished” look of the reclaimed timber. We placed them over a trunk that used to be my Oma’s. When she immigrated from the Netherlands, she packed her belongings in this trunk. It has sentimental value and looks great underneath the reclaimed timber shelves.

Her name and the address to which her trunk was sent is still faintly visible on the wood.


I love having the shelves on the wall; it’s nice to have extra surface space to place pictures and seasonal ornaments.


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