My adoption necklace

Shortly after we announced our plans to adopt, I received words of encouragement from so many people! Our announcement led to conversations with other friends who were also adopting; for those of you who have been pregnant at the same time as your friends, you will know how special it is to be able to share these expectant parent experiences with others who are going through the same thing! One of those who contacted me after our announcement was a girl I went to high school with. Jillian and I had a class or two together, and beyond high school we remained in touch through Facebook. I actually had the chance to see her last summer when I was visiting some friends in the States. She and her husband are going through the international adoption process, and it has been so wonderful to read her blog updates and know that while Mark and I are going through the adoption process there are friends out there who are facing the same struggles and joys as we are!

Jillian and her husband are fundraising extraordinaires! In a few short months, they have raised almost $20,000 of their $35,000 goal! They truly inspire me, and their faith and perseverance only go to demonstrate just how much they are going to be great parents!

Last month I posted about Psalm 113 and how much these verses mean to me. As part of her fundraising efforts, Jillian makes stamped necklaces. I contacted her and asked if she would consider making me a custom necklace that says “Pslam 113.” She graciously said yes, and shortly later I received this necklace. The necklaces are beautiful, share messages of hope, and provide Jillian and her husband with the financial support they need to bring their little one home to them. I encourage you to visit Jillian’s Etsy store page and check out her products!


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