Our maternity photos

Once we found out that Baby Lucking was due just before Christmas, I started thinking of creative ways to capture our pregnancy with photography. Luckily, my parents are photographers so we could get photos done for free have our photos taken by someone who really gets us and were really excited to become grandparents!

I knew exactly what kind of photos I wanted! I love Christmas, and I thought it would be special to have more natural maternity photos taken outside while we get a Christmas tree. The catch was my parents were leaving at the beginning of November for over three weeks on vacation. They wouldn’t be back until the beginning of December, and I didn’t want to chance an early delivery and miss out on my idea for photos (or be in my last weeks and be really uncomfortable walking around a tree farm at almost full term…). So we picked Saturday, November 3rd (when I was almost 34 weeks along) to get our Christmas tree…. Our live Christmas tree which we then had to keep in good shape until Christmas almost 8 weeks later…

I contacted Will’s Christmas Store & Tree Farm, a farm where my family had chopped (or “sawed”) trees down in the past. They have a beautiful Christmas store where I was also hoping to take some photos. I contacted them in advance to ask if it was ok to have our photos taken there at the beginning of November, and when we arrived that Sunday they were surprised to hear that we were also planning on getting our Christmas tree so early. We were officially the first Christmas tree purchase of the year! The kind owner suggested a Fraser Fir (over our typical Balsam) and said if we were consistent with watering it, it should last until Christmas (and it did! By Christmas it was shedding quite a few needles, but it made it!).

I am so thrilled with how our pictures turned out! It was such a memorable day (made even more memorable by the fact that Mark tore his ACL that afternoon in a ball hockey game… Was I ever thankful that we had our maternity pictures taken before that happened!). I am so thankful that my parents were part of these special pictures! Thanks, Mom and Dad (Memories Through Lens Photography)!

Photo taken inside Will's Christmas StoreMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity Photo

We couldn’t resist…

Despite this considerable difference, we're still going strong!

Maternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity Photo

I started out by helping…

I started out by helping...

But I have a strong husband!

Maternity Photo

Then we came home and took more pictures with our beloved dog, Jedi, in our newly decorated baby’s room!

Maternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity PhotoMaternity Photo


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