Crazy things only my husband would say to his pregnant wife

I almost started another blog while I was pregnant. My husband said some pretty crazy (funny) things while I was pregnant…. But I figured 1) was too lengthy of a URL and 2) I refuse to start yet another blog only to have it fall off my radar (I’m a little notorious for that…).

So instead, here’s a post with some of the crazy things he said (or at least the few that I remembered and/or wrote down). He’s lucky I have a great sense of humour…!

“It’s like a third nipple”

This was made in reference to my protruding belly button. It never fully turned into an “outie,” but as I got bigger towards the end of my pregnancy, apparently Mark noticed it protrude more…

“You look like you’re 33 months pregnant!”
My husband plays on a recreational ball hockey team (this was how he was injured in November…). All the girls whose husbands/boyfriends/partners played on “The Night’s Watch” got our own t-shirts with the logo of the team and our partner’s number on the back. I asked for one of the largest sizes possible (not knowing how my body would look after pregnancy) and even though I got an XL, it was a tiny, women’s XL. It was tight. We received the shirts towards the end of my second trimester. Showing Mark the shirt, he too thought it look tight – tight enough that it made me look 33 months pregnant apparently! Even elephants only have a gestation period of 22 months…220px-African_Bush_Elephant

“It looks like Nero’s face”
I’m prone to stretch marks. I always have been, it doesn’t matter what moisturizer I use or trick I try. It bugs me when I read/hear people say “I used [insert cream name here] while I was pregnant and didn’t get ANY stretch marks! It really works!” I’m sorry…. It’s not the cream. Some people are just more prone to stretch marks than others.

Mark and I are big Star Trek fans. We really love the new installment, and after showing Mark some of my newest stretch marks on my belly he made a Star Trek comparison. To Nero’s face… I choose to think he was comparing my good looks to those of Eric Bana…nero_eric_bana_star_trek

“You’re front heavy”

I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

I love you too, hunny!

In all honesty, I laughed every time he said one of these things. While my pregnancy was a harder journey than I anticipated, Mark was with me every step of the way! Along with all the comments listed above, he also said many times things along the lines of “I can’t wait to be a daddy,” “I’m so excited to meet the baby,” and “You’re going to be an amazing mommy.”

Next post – finally, the birth story!


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