Spring is coming… Oh wait…

Readers, I don’t know what your winter has been like… But ours has been long, cold and snowy. Typical Canadian winter except we’ve been blessed the last couple of years with not too extreme of weather.

We are getting dumped with more snow tomorrow… But before it comes, we have been teased with two days of weather above zero degrees (Celsius for all my American readers…).

This season’s cold weather hasn’t prevented us from going out with A.J. after she was born. Less than a week after she was born, we visited Santa at the mall, we’ve been to a babywearing group, and multiple trips to visit family and friends. She’s even come with me to work a couple of times (blog post about that coming soon…). But today was the first day we went out for a walk (outdoors!). Not just with her, but with our poor dog who has been pretty neglected for the last year. During pregnancy, the last thing I wanted to do was take him for walks. I think we took him out a couple of times and we also took him camping for a week, but we mainly let him run around in our backyard.

It was so nice to get outside! We put A.J. in a fleece winter suit that I had bought her when I was still pregnant. It was our first time using it (not safe to use in a car seat and it turns out a newborn doesn’t really wear a snowsuit all that much…).

20140311-142031.jpgUp until now, we have been using a snap and go stroller for trips to the mall, grocery shopping, etc. It’s nice and small and easy to get in and out of the back of our truck. But I’ve been dying to use our Graco Jogging stroller (more to come about the stroller when I review it in a couple of weeks). So we set her up in the stroller, found Jedi’s leash (it’s been so long since we used it that I almost forgot where we put it last…) and out we went.

Mark took another picture with Jedi looking at the camera, but in his eagerness to get a picture of the dog looking, my beloved hubby chopped off part of my head...

Mark took another picture with Jedi looking at the camera, but in his eagerness to get a picture of the dog looking, my beloved hubby chopped off part of my head…

I was disgusted to see that almost every crosswalk had piles of dog poop left by irresponsible dog owners. I think I spent half of the walk ranting about inconsiderate dog owners and the signs I was going to make for all the mailboxes in the neighbourhood. I even took a picture of a pile of poop to post in this blog, but thought maybe you didn’t want to see dog poop (was even going to take another picture of a larger pile I found until Mark exclaimed “c’mon, stop taking pictures of dog poop!” and I realized how ridiculous I looked…). I’m not kidding – Every. Single. Crosswalk. C’mon people….

A.J. had an afternoon snooze during our walk; I think she likes the Graco Jogger (I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy getting pushed around in a stroller on a gorgeous day?!).

20140311-141947.jpgAnd Jedi? Poor Jedi is so out of shape that he passed out as soon as we got home. I’m very impressed with how he behaved though – no pulling on the leash and he walked nicely beside the stroller. I wasn’t sure how long it would take him to get used to the stroller and how long it would take for me to feel comfortable taking both him and A.J. out, but he was awesome!


Sleepy puppy…

Now we hibernate and wait for tomorrow’s snow… *Sob* Spring can’t come fast enough…


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