Gourmet Grilled Cheeses & the hidden gem The Tipperary Bog

Food blogger I am not… This is what we had for dinner last night. The quality of the food was much better than the quality of this picture (taken with my phone after I had eaten half my sandwich and soup and then thought “hmmm, I should have taken a picture…”). Goal: to take better pictures of stuff that I cook…

20140316-210218.jpgMy hubby and I stumbled upon The Tipperary Bog a couple of weeks ago and our lives have not been the same. Wonderful cheeses served by a smiling owner who always comments on how cute A.J. is (people who do that = instant winners in my book).

You know those women who find out they’re pregnant and longingly wait for the day they can have wine/beer/alcohol again? That wasn’t me. Even though I really enjoy wine and the odd beer, three months after giving birth I still haven’t had anything to drink. I just haven’t had the desire (excpet for tonight… I would love a glass of wine, but am on antibiotics and thought it would be good to mix the two…). Instead, I was the kind of person who was like “WHAT?! I’m not supposed to have soft cheeses while pregnant?! How am I supposed to live without brie, goat cheese and feta?!” I must admit, I didn’t go completely without… But I was careful about where I bought the cheeses. One afternoon after having lunch with a friend, I told Mark that I had a delicious wrap with goat cheese on it. He responded with a little bit of admonishment, “aren’t you supposed to stay away from goat cheese?” I told him “I also had a beer with lunch.” He looked at me knowingly and said, “no you didn’t” to which I said, “yeah, you’re right, but now the goat cheese doesn’t sound so bad, does it!”

At the Tipperary Bog, they serve the most delicious sounding grilled cheeses, and after indulging a number of times I decided that perhaps we should just buy cheese there instead and make our own at home!

We went with the intention of buying some brie and also walked out with some smoked applewood cheddar after getting some recommendations from the owner. I already had the plan to make some homemade cream of mushroom soup for dinner, so I decided to couple it with some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. (And, yes, I realize the soup looks incredible unappetizing in the picture… It was actually quite good! But it turned out a lot darker than expected. It might look like mud, but it didn’t taste like it.)

Using garlic bread from the grocery store (yummmmm, garlic….), I created a sandwich using brie and some grilled portobello mushrooms while Mark used the smoked applewood cheddar, sliced apples, honey and some remaining portobello mushrooms for his. So delicious… The brie on mine was melted heaven, and Mark’s sandwich was a nice combination of sweet and garlic.

If you are anywhere close the the Tipperary Bog in Ancaster, they are having a “Bacon Fest” this coming week – a bunch of dishes made with BACON! Cheese coupled with bacon?! Yes, please… Check out their website or like them on Facebook.


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