Spring & Easter Printables

It’s that time of year… SPRING! It has felt like an exceptionally long winter (ok, I say that every year… But this year’s winter felt extra snowy and cold). With the change of seasons, I get a rush of energy as I look forward to upcoming holidays and the change in the weather. It’s also the time of year to switch the printables in the living room! So exciting!!!

I have 3 frames in my living room which hold various printables – most of which I find via Pinterest, others I make myself. I tend to switch them up with the change of seasons or holidays. After the Christmas season, I changed my Christmas printables to more neutral ones – it wasn’t yet time for spring, but the Christmas-specific printables needed to be replaced once January came. I kept one frame for a winter printable since the weather was still snowy and cold, but I changed up my other two frames with something that wasn’t season specific.

This spring, I am really loving the following prints and still deciding which ones I want to get printed at Staples:

While these all scream SPRING, I wanted another printable that was especially for Easter. From a quick search on Pinterest, I found that most of the printables spoke more to the secular aspect of Easter: bunnies, eggs, etc. So I decided to make my own. Nothing fancy, I wanted something simple. I used the font Dragon is Coming and within minutes whipped up some Easter printables. He is risen! He is risen indeed! Amen…

(Click on each picture to be redirected to a downloadable PDF)

he-is-risen-indeed,-blue he-is-risen-indeed,-green he-is-risen-indeed,-pink he-is-risen-indeed,-yellow


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