Worth The Wait!

I am not going to apologize for not posting lately. Instead, I’ll leave this right here for you!

I’m writing from my desk in my new home office in our new house (with newly installed internet as of this morning!). Up until two weeks ago, we had been living in the same house for almost exactly 5 years. In August 2009, we started renting a house and moved our stuff in and then Mark and I moved in together the night we got married on September 25, 2009. On September 26, 2014 we took possession of our “new” house (a century home on over an acre of land).

worth the wait croppedWe have been slowly settling in… It’s amazing how much we’ve accumlated over 5 years and how our family has grown (by a dog, two cats and a kid!).  We love our new country property though. As I’m typing, I just heard the pop of a jar of apple sauce I canned this afternoon (and waiting to hear 5 more pops…). It is peaceful out here, but we have much work ahead. While the house is certainly livable, there are many updates ahead of us. The entire upstairs is lath and plaster. Which was then wallpapered. Which was then painted over… I look forward to blogging about our house updates (over the years…).

A.J. is getting so big – 10 months old on Thanksgiving. I’m planning her first birthday party (who am I kidding….. I’ve been planning this party in my head since she was only a couple of days old!).

I am still trying to complete my Masters. The smartest thing I’ve done in a while is to gather five individuals around me to be my “accountability team.” Comprised of colleagues and friends, I strive to email the team every week with an update on my writing process. Knowing I am accountable to them helps me get my tush into gear at the end of the night when I would much rather be soaking in our hot tub! The other week, my thesis advisor suggested that perhaps I switch to the Major Research Paper stream of the program (and out of the thesis stream); it means I still have to write a rather large paper, but it would be less writing than a thesis and wouldn’t require a verbal “defense” process. However, switching into the MRP stream means I have to complete two more courses…. After much prayer, thought and consideration, I have decided to switch. My stubborn self wanted to continue with the thesis, telling myself that I should finish what I’ve started. But I think the MRP is much more manageable for my family (and work) life right now, and at the end of the day I still get my MA.

Ohhh! Another pop from downstairs!


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