Merry Christmas!

Christmas! One more sleep! That’s how we used to count down to special days when I was younger – by how many “sleeps” we needed to have before the day arrived.

I love Christmas. Fun, food, family and fellowship! I love the days and weeks leading up to the holiday. Parties and get togethers. Christmas music. Taking time to think of thoughtful presents for loved ones. I try to do my shopping throughout the year – it spreads out the spending so we aren’t financially overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and as I see items that remind me of loved ones I pick it up while I can.

For the first time in my life (my entire life!) I am spending the day (the entire day!) home on Christmas! I can’t even believe it. I am incredibly excited. My family and extended families all live close by, so growing up Christmas was always spent visiting everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing everyone on Christmas. But just once I wanted to experience staying home all day (perhaps in pjs?! Don’t worry, family, they’re decent to wear in front of you!). We are hosting my inlaws in the morning for brunch and then my family in the afternoon for dinner. A.J. is in this weird transition of wanting to nap once a day but still desperately needs two, so I’m also glad to be home so she can have some quiet time when needed and will rest better being at home.

I love hosting and parties. But it can always get overwhelming cleaning,  cooking and preparing. Today I found myself saying to A.J. “just let mommy cut these apples!” “Just let mommy finish the dishes!” “Just let mommy….”  She’s been a little whiny today (maybe her first year needles from yesterday?) and now that she’s down for a nap I feel bad prioritizing cleaning and cooking over her. After the holiday is done, do I want to remember having a spotless house? (HA! Like my house is ever spotless…..) Or do I want to remember A.J.’s second Christmas as she experiences opening her first gifts (she hadn’t learned the art of gift opening at 12 days old last year…), dancing to Christmas music while it’s still around, and reading Christmas books?  What is hindering you from enjoying your loved ones this Christmas season? Is it stress? Quarrel with a loved one? Distance? I urge you to take time to relish the holiday, take joy in your loved ones, and take opportunities to enjoy traditions and festivities.

To my readers and followers, I wish you a peaceful Merry Christmas surrounded by those you love. Family Christmas year in review


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