Spring has sprung!

I am supposed to be writing a term paper right now… But my brain can hardly produce anything that sounds remotely intelligent anymore. It needs a serious break. Fortunately, it will be getting one in less than 3 weeks! If everything goes well, I should be done all my coursework and writing requirements for my Masters!  I am already planning the party.

So much has happened since I last posted. A.J. now says her name (her actual name, not “A.J.”). It is simply adorable. Mark went out a couple of weekends ago and took her along so I could get some school work done. While they were gone, he taught her her name and once they came home, Mark asked her “what’s your name?” And she said it clear as day and melted my heart into a pile of mush right then and there. While I was pregnant with her, I came across the book On The Night You Were Born. I cried right then and there in the bookstore (blame it on the pregnancy hormones…) and knew I needed to buy it and read it to our baby on our first night together.   A.J. was born in the afternoon, and that evening in our hospital room Mark held our daughter and I whispered/sobbed my way through the book.

on the night your were bornOne of the pages reads “the sound of your name is a magical one. Let’s say it out loud before we go on.” (I just typed that from heart, I’ve read it to her so many times).  Now instead of saying her name to her, she points at her chest and says her name in her sweet baby voice. I don’t think it will ever get old. This is such a fun age with A.J. doing and saying so much. This morning when I walked into her room to get her up, I whispered “hi” and she whispered “hi” back. Her strong and smart personality shows itself in so much she does and says throughout the day.

smoothie on the deck

Smoothie on the deck!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day – finally. This winter has been incredibly long… It started with discovering some unfortunate plumbing issues, and we were hoping to get through till the spring before having to dig up our deck and replacing all the pipes to our septic tank. We tried to get through the winter, but we couldn’t delay replacing them any longer. Mark started digging in March, but the ground was still so frozen that after a couple of weekends of digging we were fortunate to get some help from Mark’s boss and an excavator.

As a reminder, here’s a “before” picture of our deck…

b52069_10And then the after…


Hard at work with the excavator…

IMG_2640The pictures I took really don’t do justice showing just how much deck we lost… But the upside is the majority of our plumbing issues have been fixed! I am so fortunate to have such a skilled husband!

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, we were able to spend some time outside. Yesterday while Amy napped, I continued to write but from the deck with the sun on my face! Mark started up his chainsaw and went to work cutting down some dead limbs from many of our trees. We’ve had a couple of good storms with lots of wind this winter… We lost a few branches, and luckily none on our house. But there were still some precarious limbs left that he wanted to take care of.

IMG_2641Our yard is a little bit of a disaster. Some junk the previous owners left behind, fallen/cut branches, a torn up deck. We feel like those neighbours with junk everywhere while everyone else has manicured landscaping. But now that the weather is getting increasingly nicer and school is almost done, we’re looking forward to spending even more time outside! I am eager to see if any perennials will sprout in our gardens, and we want to create another garden especially for veggies.

C’mon school! My brain and general well being need for you to be done…


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