I went for a walk this morning.

I left the husband and the kid in their beds. I left my phone on the table. But I took the dog.

It’s been a long time coming. Something I told myself I wanted to do since the snow melted and the mornings became warmer. It’s so easy to turn off the alarm clock when it’s still so quiet in the house.

But I went for a walk this morning. I walked along the river. I found a dirt road.

A cardinal flew by me. And rabbits ran by.

I found a huge patch of day lilies. They haven’t bloomed yet. I can’t wait to see them when they do.

The odd ripple in the river, I can’t tell if there was a fish underneath the surface, or just the natural catch of water on rocks.

I found where we could launch a canoe one day.

I heard the odd motorcycle (with its music blaring) and truck buzz by on the nearby paved road, but just as quickly as they came, they left, and the sound of their tires was replaced again by the birds.

I could smell lilacs everywhere.

On my way back, I heard a lone voice “One, two!” followed by a louder group “one, two, three!” Rowers in the river! I’ve always wanted to row… I wonder where they came from?

And now I’m swinging on my front porch, not wanting to forget anything. Wanting the peace from this morning to last through the day.

I went for a walk this morning.

And I think I’ll go again tomorrow.


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