Canada Day fun

I have these moments of artistic creativity that are kind of sporadic (if you couldn’t tell by the large gaps of time between blog posts…). I’ve dabbled in sewing, gardening, crafting, knitting, etc.  I get really into it. And then I move onto something else. But regardless of the fact that I’ve never really “mastered” any sort of art, they’ve each served to be a creative outlet for me.

I’ve been dying to craft with A.J., but she’s not even at an age yet where she can appreciate colouring… Mark is working today, and A.J. has been a cranky pants lately, so I went to the store yesterday to pick up some canvases and paint so we could do something special on Canada Day and break up the long, whiny day!

I stuck A.J. in a disposable diaper (didn’t want to risk ruining one of her cloth diapers, even with water based paints!) and one of my favourite shirts for her that unfortunately is already ruined by mold… And let her go to town with the paint and canvas on our front porch. (We are about to renovate the front porch soon anyways, so I wasn’t concerned about a mess!).

AJ paintingUsing this pin from Pinterest as inspiration, I used green painting tape to write A.J.’s name on a canvas and then let her play with water based paints. At only 18 months old, her interest was pretty short lived so I made some touch ups to the canvas to fill in some blank spots once she was done.

How beautiful is she?!

painting collage Well, that escalated quickly…


She loves to smell flowers

Once cranky pants went to bed, it was time to start my own craft! Again, I used green painting tape and used it to make some shapes onto a larger canvas. There’s a blank wall left over from our family room makeover where we wanted more fun art as a “kid’s corner” for A.J.’s toys. I love colours and colourful walls, but I really want to keep our main floor a neutral colour so I can decorate with other colours (and not feel like I have to paint all the walls once I want to change up colours…). So, I was full of joy to use vibrant colours for this canvas art. (I joyfully used a rough draft of a paper I wrote last semester under my project!)

IMG_0799I’ll have to update with a wall picture once it’s dried and up!

I think painting is my new creative outlet of the moment. I need to pick up some more canvases to doodle!


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