Beloved Boomer

Today we euthanized our beloved cat Boomer (or as A.J. lovingly calls her “Beeno”). What a tough decision, to let go of a pet that has been a family member for almost 6 years. It was especially difficult because Boomer was the first pet Mark and I adopted after we got married – just a little over a month after our wedding. She was already an older cat when we adopted her, and she made our family of husband and wife into a family of 3.    When we first started looking for a cat to adopt after we got married, we looked for a male who we were planning to name Hilo (a name with double meaning for us – it is a place we visited in Hawaii when we were there for our honeymoon. But Helo – spelled differently but sounds the same – is also character from Battlestar Gallactica, one of our favourite sci-fi shows). Instead we came across Boomer – not a kitten but a full grown sweet (but not overly affectionate) cat. She was not named Boomer when we adopted her, but Mark and I decided that we would continue to keep our eyes out for a male cat and name our first family addition “Boomer,” another (complimentary) character from Battlestar. (We did eventually adopt our Hilo a month later.)

Boomer & Hilo our first Christmas. Hilo would very quickly overtake Boomer in size – 3x in fact.

Boomer was always patient - with Hilo, with our dog Jedi, and then with A.J.

Boomer was always patient – with Hilo, with our dog Jedi (who will miss his face baths), and then with A.J.

Boomer was always a constant study companion.

Boomer was always a constant study companion.

Over the last couple of months, her health has been deteriorating. We made the difficult decision to let her go quietly and lovingly before her quality of life diminished too much. A.J. was with us, but fortunately she did not really grasp what was going on (after a long afternoon, she was actually watching Bubble Guppies on my phone as we held Boomer for the last time). Mark asked me after the fact if I had heard A.J. just before the vet injected Boomed (I had not heard her). Apparently she said “Beeno, sleepy.” Upon hearing him tell me this, my already cried-out eyes welled up again.

We returned her body back to a home that she has known for the last 11 months – our backyard where she enjoyed exploring. With tears in my eyes, I dug her grave and here “Beeno” forever sleeps.


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