A new room for A.J.

Today, A.J. officially moved into her new bedroom.

It was so bittersweet.


When we first moved in almost two years ago, we were torn between putting her into the smaller room across the hall from our master bedroom, or the much larger room at the end of the hall – the best room on the second floor, and arguably the best room in the whole house as it’s very bright with three windows and a nice view (the fluorescent pink on the walls might also contribute to the brightness…).  A.J. was only 9 months old when we moved in, so the room across the hall was better for any middle of the night wake ups. The plan was for her to graduate into the larger pink room when we were to get pregnant again, keeping the smaller blue room as a nursery.

We’ve been waiting and so hoping for a reason to move A.J. into the larger, nicer room. And unfortunately we have not had a reason to kick her out of the nursery yet. We contemplated keeping her in her existing room for as long as it takes for us to get pregnant again (down the hall seems so far from us when there’s a closer room!), but it seemed like such a shame to waste the brightest room upstairs! So, with excitement and some sadness, I tackled the “pink room.” It has acted as a “guest bedroom” over the last two years. And by “guest bedroom,” I mean it had a double bed in there until A.J. started using just the mattress a couple months ago, and we left the frame and box spring sitting in the corner utterly surrounded by piles of storage and boxes… I really wish I had taken a “before” picture before organizing the room, because I could hardly walk around in it…

Part of cleaning out the larger room was going through all of the baby stuff that A.J. no longer uses – bins and bins full of clothes, soothers, smaller cloth diapers as well as her old crib, bathtub, toys, a swing, etc. Oh the feelings, of having to go through that stuff… For the last two years, I have been putting this stuff away in the “pink room” with bittersweet feelings – knowing that A.J. was growing big and strong, and excitement that one day I would get to go through everything again when we were ready to use the nursery for a new baby.  To have to go through all this stuff just for the sake of cleaning and organizing- not because there is a need to pull everything out, launder it, organize it – it was hard.

While organizing, I came across this door hanger that I made while we were waiting to get matched (when we were going through the adoption process, before we were surprised with A.J.). For the second time, I placed this door hanger on the door knob and wondered what the future of our family will look like. For now, the nursery contains stuff that we will hopefully be able to use again. We’ll likely keep the door closed – it’s hard to see the piles of stuff.  Plus, we also have a cat so the less vacuuming I have to do, the better. And there are quite a few annoying baby toys in there that A.J. would love to get her hands on again!


But cleaning and organizing had it’s sweet times too. I came across some boxes of things I had put away until A.J. got a little bit older, like some porcelain dolls that were mine when I was a young girl. A.J. loved seeing them and constantly asks to hold them; it was an odd feeling to see her playing with things that I was fond of when I was young. There were also tons of books that I had purchased while we were in the “waiting” phase during our pre-A.J. life, so now her book collection has almost doubled!


As emotional (and a little teary) as the last couple of days have been, I’m glad I managed to push through. A.J. loves her new room. And it sure does feel great not to have such a cluttered and junk-filled room!



Those windows though!!!


One thought on “A new room for A.J.

  1. Dad & Mom says:

    As often as I have joked about that being “my room” for when it comes time to move in with you guys…. 😉 the room looks really good on her! She’s growing up and it’s happening VERY fast. We pray & trust that in God’s perfect timing, the nursery will be filled again with another beautiful child to love.
    Love always,
    Dad and Mom (Nana & Grandpa) xo

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