I love the Facebook memories feature. Especially around holidays, it’s lovely to be able to see what was happening in my life years past.

Facebook reminded me this morning that 5 years ago, Mark and I were spending Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach visiting my parents. Oh, how I long to be back there! The warmer weather, the ocean and the palm trees. I love fall, and Thanksgiving has to be tied with Christmas as my favourite holiday. Being home this Thanksgiving weekend is great – milder weather, changing leaves on the trees, and special time with family. We were supposed to camp this weekend, something I was incredibly excited about because I’ve always wanted to go camping in October and be in the middle of nature changing seasons, but Mark’s truck broke down a couple of weeks leaving us with nothing to tow our trailer. Enjoying fall from the comfort of home isn’t bad though.

Facebook memories also reminded me this morning that 5 years ago this Thanksgiving weekend, we announced to my parents that we were planning to adopt. My parents took lovely photos of us while we were in Myrtle Beach so we could share the news with others. Incredible to think that was 5 years ago, although plans changed slightly with getting pregnant with A.J. almost 2 years later.

Last night at a family Thanksgiving dinner, A.J. exclaimed “I promise, I want a baby brother! I want a baby brother!” It simultaneously melted and broke my heart. Even though she doesn’t fully understand what it means, she and I have had conversations about whether or not she would like a baby brother or baby sister. I think as she gets older and sees other children with siblings, she’s starting to grasp what all that means.

Like 5 years ago, this Thanksgiving our hearts long for our family to grow. But in the midst, I am thankful for:

  • My precious family and extended families.
  • Our home, for the warmth and comfort it provides – from the elements and also as a safe refuge for our family to bond and connect.
  • A job that allows me to use my passions, interests, skills and talents to make an impact in our world.
  • Access to books of all kinds so that even from the comfort of my home, I am transported to different times, places and worlds. And am exposed to various issues, mindsets, and perspectives.
  • Grace.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thankful also for parents who are photographers!


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